You MUST be enrolled as a student of the University of Auckland to be a full member of AUSA. Membership for students is free.

By signing you agree to become a member of AUSA and agree to be bound by the Rules of the Association until the end of March 31, 2022 . You also agree that signing this form constitutes your giving the Association Secretary written notice that you want your membership to terminate earlier than this if you complete your studies before that date. In that case, your membership will cease at the end of March 31 in the year after you cease to be enrolled in any programme at the University of Auckland.

Signing up to AUSA means you may receive an AUSA email verifying your address, if you do not want to keep receiving regular updates on AUSA and discounts and competitions on campus you will have the ability to unsubscribe on that first email.

Your UPI is your university Username (eg. the "abcd123" in front of your university email address "") 

Membership stickers can be collected from AUSA Reception, 4 Alfred St. Membership stickers must be collected as they are used as proof of membership.

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This is used to contact you in the case of Lost Property being handed in